About The Principle Of Wearable Technology And The Six Most Common Wearable Technologies
About The Principle Of Wearable Technology And The Six Most Common Wearable Technologies

About The Principle Of Wearable Technology And The Six Most Common Wearable Technologies

There are many varieties of Wearable technologies available out in the market. Wearables are smart electronic gadgets with built-in sensors that provide data about humans who wear them and their surrounding environment. Wearable technology sends data to the processing unit, which then transfers processing information to the user.

Wearable smart devices are now very much in demand over the last ten years. Smartwatches are the best-known example of Wearable technology, and also there are many other wearables emerging today. All those devices perform essential computing functions along with tracking services. But before diving into wearable technology, let us see the principle of wearable technology –

Principle Of Wearable Technology

Wearable fitness Technology is diving into the world so quickly that innovative jewelry, watches, clothes, shoes, and so on are seen as the main things to have in our lifestyle. The growing demand for these wearables is booming in the market, and many people find them useful. Innovative wearable technology includes the devices that humans wear to collect personal health data such as workouts, calories burned, heart rate, and many more.

6 Most Common Wearables Smart Devices

Now let us check out some everyday wearables useful –


Smartwatch is one of the most common forms of wearable technology. It has gained more popularity where many people use it in their daily lives to track their health. Smartwatch is not only the technology but also it is popular now as a fashion. So if you are a fashion lover and need a gadget, you can own a smartwatch; just like earlier, keeping the iPhone a status socially, having a smartwatch as a wearable leaves an impression in the fashion world. There are plenty of options available in smartwatches in a wide range, from Apple Watch to Fitbit.

Smart Shoes And Smart Clothing

Intelligent shoes and clothing have not yet been so famous as smartwatches, but they will also be not so uncommon in the future. Smart shoes are the ones that can charge your smartphone when you run, and also, there are shoes available that vibrate to indicate that you need to take a turn. Apart from these, intelligent shoes will count your footsteps along with the burnt calories.

Smart Clothing, staying in contact with many body parts, can get deeper data than small wearables. ‘Smart’ Clothes can track your lifestyle and healthcare in an advanced manner. Samsung is going on in-depth research and has already filed up several patents. If those patents get available in the market, then Samsung will soon launch their Smart shirts to diagnose respiratory disorders along with Smart shoes that keep an eye on your running. Other than shirts, Smart socks are available that may detect your foot ulcers (if going to develop any).

There are also intelligent yoga pants available that vibrate when you need improvement during yoga exercises. ‘Smart’ swimsuits are also available that indicate caution to you when your body and face need sunscreen application. Thus, there are many different kinds of intelligent clothing going to come into the market soon.

Smart Jewellery

‘Smart’ jewelry is the ongoing research nowadays. Research is going on to find out the way to include health tracking abilities in small wearables. The most common and eminent kind of Smart jewelry may be the Smart ring. ‘Smart’ rings are for the finger-like standard rings that obtain the health tracking data, accessible in the smartphone. Many more iterations of Smart jewelry will boom up, such as bangles, bracelets, and so on. Also, the Smart jewelry will be in a good design which will give you the best look. Smart health tracking gadgets may also include earrings.

Thus, apart from a smartwatch, Smart jewelry offers a less intrusive medium to monitor one’s health without compromising health insights. These Smart rings or other Smart jewelry bring active lifestyles.

VR Headsets

If you know about virtual reality and it is your kind of thing, it is the wearable you must own. When you put on a VR headset once, you can have yourself in your favorite videos, pictures, and other VR content. With this, you will forget where you are, and you will think that you are anywhere else.

Since VR is the upcoming concept, you can expect more from these VR headsets in the forthcoming years.


Implantables will come in contact with the human body from inside. Companies will generate sensors containing pills that will monitor the person’s BP, heart rate, and other health metrics after the person swallows the pills. They can wear any external device to track data efficiently within the body. In the upcoming days, Smart tattoos will also be accessible for people to ensure that humans remember to wear their tracking gadgets.

Implantables will bring new features in the old implantable gadgets that monitor your health correctly, like pacemakers.

Google Glass

Another most popular wearable is the Google Glass. It is the headset that shows you information on a smartphone in the format of handsfree. It also allows the user to give a voice command to the device. But Google glass has received much criticism along with legal action due to privacy and safety concerns. And so, the Production of the first versions was stopped; however, the tech giant is working on the second version of google glass that will fix all the issues users were facing from the first versions.

What’s Next?

As more and more wearable Smart devices are indulging globally, everyone will need to find ways to integrate all those devices into networks. From smartwatches to smart shoes, every wearable can monitor their task properly with assuring the person’s safety. Smartwatches running on Google’s wear and the range of VR gadgets, many smart devices will provide health-related data every time. Some data are also accessible on your smartphones, where you can track the history of the entire day, week, or month. Thus, these intelligent wearables technology is going to be in high demand in the future.

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