How to make your bomber jacket a wearable device

Some pieces of clothing are not only unique fashion statements. In some cases, a top or bottom may be classified as iconic. One of the most notable today iconic pieces that meets this requirement is the bomber jacket. In fact, if you have an authentic bomber jacket, you may be able to sell it on sites like eBay and Etsy for thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you have a mens quilted bomber jacket or another type of bomber jacket that you are not wearing for one reason or another, you may want to think about what you can do to make it a wearable device.


Fortunately, there are a lot of innovative ideas on the Internet, and they can help you with achieving your goals. Having said this, here are 5 things that you can do to make your bomber jacket a wearable device.

make your bomber jacket a wearable device

#1. Choose a Theme and the Function First


Though there are many different ways to transform virtually any type of clothing item from something plain to a unique stylish wearable device, there is really no better place to start than updating a bomber jacket with special features. For instance, if you choose to do so, you may want to add wearable features to the sleeves of a bomber jacket. For instance, you may want to add a smartwatch that will always give you the right time. . Or, you may prefer to add fitbit Versa 3 in the collar of the jacket. By adding this feature, you can always track how long you have walked from one destination to another.


#2 – Switch out the Lining to install a sensor heated garment for the wearer


If you want to make your bomber jacket easier to wear between autumn and the winter seasons, switch out the lining. For instance, if you have an old bomber jacket that was made for the bitter cold attitudes in the air, the lining may be made of sheep wool. Therefore, if you try to wear your jacket in much warmer temperatures, it will be too hot.


To solve this problem and make the bomber jacket easier to wear in warmer weather, you can take out the sheep wool lining completely. Or, you may choose to replace the sheep wool lining with a sensor heated garment device for the wearer. By making these changes, you can wear your jacket throughout both seasons of autumn and winter without experiencing the symptoms of a heatwave.


#3 – Dye the Jacket a Different Color that Fits Your Taste


In some cases, you may not like the color of the bomber jacket that you have in your closet. When this is the case, you may want to think about dying the jacket in a color that you really like before you decide to wear it. For instance, if you have an old dull green bomber jacket on the inside of your closet, this may not be a color that … Read the rest


Home Gym Upgrades: Ntaifitness Power Rack, Fitness Watches, And More!

Home Gym Upgrades

It is an unfortunate fact that long-term gym memberships and their costs can become a burden really quickly. When you build a productive workout regime, the disturbance of shared workouts can begin to wear on your tolerance and slow down your fitness goal achievement.

Whether it is the additional travel time, packed gym room, or the doubtful cleanliness of communal services, there are a lot of valid reasons to start building or upgrading your at-home gym skills (if you previously have one).

Be the designer of your own workout space and invest in better tech-enabled, better-quality fitness equipment. This will free you from waiting in line at the public gym.

Eventually, you can modify every feature of your home gym space to fit your requirements for the long run, and lastly cut the cost of monthly gym memberships payments. Update your space and workout routine along with these popular home workout upgrades, accessories, and machines.

Why Do You Need Home Gym Upgrades?

 Home Gym Upgrades

Let’s discuss why anyone needs to have a home gym first. Even though I say “need”, in reality, it is more of a “want”. No one NEEDS a well-equipped gym in their house, but you similarly do not need to lose weight or save time, or, do anything else. But for a healthy body, you want these.

So, deciding to build or upgrade a home gym, is more about wanting and less about the need to enhance your health and life.

The aim for everybody going through this article must be to get the best possible personality. Anything & everything that assists you to get nearer to that aim should be discovered.

Among the utmost things we have found for you is that starting or upgrading a home gym gives you more than just a place to exercise.

A home gym offers you with…

  • Strengthens our body and thus allow us to do tasks that we previously weren’t able to do
  • It is highly hygienic as you work out alone instead of working out with many others and their sweat is around everywhere.
  • Allows you to be nearer to your family
  • Will give you further chances to workout, even in case for only 15 minutes
  • Gives you further time as you do not have to spend going anywhere

The Best 7 Home Gym Equipment Available in 2021

There are times when you do not feel like going anywhere to make it to the gym but you really need to. In such cases, the home gym is highly needed. So, create your personal gym space with upgraded home gym equipment to optimize your efforts.

The Home Gym Space-Saving Strength Station 

Home Gym Upgrades

Who wants a gym membership if you can make your home your personal gym? Upgrade your home gym with the adjustable bench that will slide out, rotating cable handle, and a pulley place with a pull-down bar, and also arm-press that doubles as a chin-up or pull-up bar, etc.

Get everything you will need to aim for every … Read the rest


How To Choose The Most Suitable Watch Band For Your Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple has completely changed the concept of watches; looking back, we used to wear watches merely to see the time, but Apple has made it into a different story. Though it appears to be an expensive item, it is well worth the money invested. The watch has so many functions that it nearly feels like a full-fledged health checkup. Apple has launched six series of best-selling watches, and wearing it with the appropriate band is critical because if it does not properly fit your wrist, the watch’s functions may be hampered. This article will help you with the information on apple watch series 6 bands and straps so that you can easily choose the suitable watch strap for your apple watch series 6.

Why is it important to wear the perfect band?

As mentioned earlier, Apple is more than just a watch that tells time; it also comes with several other amazing health features that help you stay active and in shape. So in order not to interfere with these wonderful features, a perfect band is what you need to look for. There are numerous brands out there that will be perfect for your series six Apple watch but make sure that you choose the right one. Below are given a few options you can select from:

  • Stainless steel bands

If you are not too keen to wear the initial design of your Series 6 Apple Watch and want to improve its appearance, go for stainless steel bands. They are suitable for any dial style and provide a completely smooth and strong appearance. It just suits every style, whether you’re in the workplace or at a party, and these straps may be the perfect addition to your outfit. If you have a larger wrist, this may be what you’re searching for because other straps may seem too tiny on your wrist, but stainless steel wrist bands for apple watches may look wonderful on you.

  • The tire tread bands

Tire tread bands are ideal for your new smartwatch. They’re composed of soft silicone and may be worn anyplace from the sweaty gym or to the swimming pool for a cool off. They come in a variety of colours and maybe mixed and combined to suit your taste. Carterjett tire tread band can be the perfect choice for your Apple watch series 6.

  • The leather bands

Leather gives you a sophisticated look, and when worn with an apple watch, it is completely awesome. Though Apple has its leather straps, it may be a costly affair. You may find cheaper ones in the market, but don’t go for very cheap items as they may not do justice to your watch. Nomad modern strap is an option you can choose if you are into quality leather straps. They provide leather straps for every size, and you can go for both slim and broad designs. They are leather, so make sure that you take care of them properly.

  • Nylon band

If you don’t want to … Read the rest


How wearable technology is perfectly integrated with the home industry

The first generation of wearable technologies was mostly focused on health-related applications. But now they have expanded into other areas including fashion, sports, entertainment, etc. This trend will continue because people want more convenience from their gadgets. They don’t want to carry around bulky devices anymore.

So this new wave of wearable technology is not only about health care; it also includes the home industry. This article will be looking at how you can keep everything in your home under control including that shower faucet set in your bathroom with Wearable Technology. It will cover smart homes and wearables that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Let’s get started!

wearable technology

Smart Home Technology: The Basics

A smart home is one where all appliances connected through a Wi-Fi network communicate with each other to make life easier for users. It has been a dream of many homeowners since a long time ago but until recently there were no real solutions available. Nowadays we see some companies offering such services as Amazon Echo or Google Home which allow us to connect our smartphones to them via Bluetooth and then ask questions related to various aspects of daily lives. These voice-controlled assistants work by listening to what we say and responding accordingly. For example, if I tell my Alexa device “Alexa turn off the shower faucet set” she would do exactly that without any human intervention required. So these days we can easily automate almost every aspect of our day-to-day activities using smart home technology.

How Wearable Technologies Can Help You Control Your Home?

Wearable techs are basically small electronic devices worn on different parts of the body. There are two types of wearable techs: 1) Body sensors 2) Head-mounted displays. Both of these categories offer unique advantages over traditional methods of controlling things inside the house. Here are few examples of how wearable techs help you manage your home better:


– Automate lighting system based on motion sensor data.

If someone walks past an area, light up automatically. Similarly, when nobody passes by, dim down the lights.


– Regulate temparature of the shower faucet set.

Sometimes it might be diffiult to get your shower faucet set temparature just right. Thanks to the wearable technology that you can make it happen using a voice command or a flip on your wrist.


– Turn on/off the water heater remotely.

Just tap your wrist and watch the temperature rise/fall.


– Set alarm clock based on location.

It’s possible to set an alarm even while sleeping. If you’re away from home, just put your phone near the bedside table and wake up to music.


– Remotely lock doors & windows.

You can unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Or simply press a button on your headband and open the window blinds.


– Get notifications whenever somebody enters or leaves your home.

Just place your smartphone next to the front door and receive alerts whenever anyone comes or … Read the rest